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Material Color Fonts Note (Note)
LED word   ① punching   Zinc Aluminum Iron Stainless Steel 201Stainless Steel Light color Organic film color Baked paint colors Mexico Body Clerical Times New Roman Other Punching comments: Hole  ① ② color of the sides
Hole Colorful full-color ③ ④
Module Select the sides ① edge around a row of light (which did not light)
The sides  
 ②Cover  ②Second row of lights around edge (inside a row of lights)
 ③Blister Organic film (edge-light)    ③ three rows of lights around edge (inside multi-row light)
Metal edge (edge light)   Module  ① ② color of the sides
 ④Injection 26 letters in any color selection (red, yellow, green and other colors) limit of 5 cm high Colorful full-color ③ ④
 ⑤Projection optical character  

Cover the word
Full color LED screen
Event Planning
Painting show
Plastic characters
Sign production
Single red LED screen
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Order Phone: 13380232888  粤 ICP 备 10225088 -1
Address: Foshan City, Guangdong Province, Quebec Qi Li at Monte Vista Road on the 1st floor shop 59